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BreederNational Great Pyrenees Rescue (NGPR)Other RescuePet StorePrior OwnerShelter

We understand that no dog is perfect. Please answer the following questions as honestly and accurately as possible so that we may better help in placing this dog in the best possible environment. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Is the dog a:
House DogLivestock Guardian DogOutdoor Dog

How is the dog contained?
ChainFenceInvisible FenceKennelRoams (not contained)Trolley

Has the dog ever escaped or jumped a fence? (select all that apply)
Escaped through an open doorJumped over a fenceJumped through a glass windowJumped through a screen windowTunneled under a fence

Will the dog run if loose?

Is the dog house trained?
Will the dog walk quietly on a leash?
Will the dog come when called? (select all that apply)
In the house onlyInside and OutsideNot at allSometimes
Does the dog get along safely with cats? (select all that apply)
Chases cats inside the houseChases cats outsideIgnores catsInside the house onlyNoSleeps with catsUnsureYes
Does the dog get along safely with other dogs? (select all that apply)
Female dogs onlyLarge dogs onlyMale dogs onlyNoSmall dogs onlyUnsureYes
Does the dog get along safely with children? (select all that apply)
Children over 12Children over 6Children under 6Lives with children nowNoUnsureYes
Does the dog get along safely with strangers? (select all that apply)
No - reacts aggressively and lungesNo - growlsNo - runs awayYes - greets strangers with a tail wagYes - once they are introduced by meYes - will allow strangers to approach and pet/rubUnsure
When food or treats are present, the dog (select all that apply)
Allows other dogs near their foodAllows other dogs within 6 feet of foodAllows people to take food awayIs aggressive if another dog approachesIs aggressive if another dog is in the roomWill allow people to take treats/bones awayWill growl or snap if a person attempts to touch the food bowlWill not allow people or other dogs to take treats/bones awayWill share their food and treats/bones with other dogs

Would you describe the dog as
SedentarySlightly ActiveVery Active
Is the dog destructive in the home (select all that apply)
NoSometimes Destructive - when left alone for over 2 hoursSomewhat - will chew papers or tissue boxesUnsureVery Destructive - Chews windows/doors/rugs etc.Yes

Does the dog become anxious when left alone?

Is there any history of aggressive behavior toward people?

Is there any history of aggressive behavior with other animals?

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. If you don't know the date of a vaccination or test, simply say "unsure" or "don't know"

Does the dog have: (Select all that apply)
Addison's DiseaseArthritisDiabetesEhrlichiosisEnvironmental AllergiesFood AllergiesHeartworm DiseaseHip or Leg ProblemsLyme DiseaseProne to Ear InfectionsSkin Issues (hot spots)

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