We really need your help for Olive. Olive was recently surrendered because her people could not afford the veterinary diagnostics to determine why Olive is losing weight. She is currently in a veterinary hospital on antibiotics. We need to get her well enough so that the veterinarians can sedate her in order to run the tests necessary to determine if she has ulcers. If so, she should recover with a course or two of antibiotics. However, we really need help to pay for Olive’s hospital care. Any donations for Olive’s hospital care would be greatly appreciated. You can make a donation for Olive via Paypal on our Donation page. Just click “Donate” and please designate “Olive” in the purpose line. All donations are tax deductible and helping to save a great little pup. Thank you so much for all that you do every day for the animals. We cannot do this without you!

Olive, an 11 month old puppy