Donations Needed for Buddy's Knee Surgery

Buddy’s Knee Surgery

2/1/2017 – Update on our boy Buddy! He has had his surgery but we still need $2,500 in help from you guys! “I just took Buddy to his second appointment with the physical therapist and they said they were very

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So you are interested in adopting a Great Pyrenees? Our goal is to match our rescued Great Pyrenees with the right home and environment. Find out if you meet the requirements.


Our organization is in need of volunteers and donations in order to continue our work. All funds collected go directly to providing care and placing the Great Pyrenees.


We need the help of volunteers like you to continue in our goal of rescuing and placing Great Pyrenees. Find out how to help and the opportunities available now.

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All of our Pyrenees are fostered in homes so that we may learn all about their temperament and health....

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All funds collected go directly to providing care and placing the Great Pyrenees.

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Our hearts are a bit heavy today at Blue Ride Great Pyrenees Rescue. Today we lost our Teddy, our first Great Pyrenees. Teddy was our inspiration, and responsible for our start on this incredible journey. Teddy was our little Great Pyrenees with the big personality. You will always be with us Mr. T. We love you!

Cassie has finally started playing with toy stuffed animals. Small ones get tossed up in the air. Big teddy bears get carried around in her mouth unless she is sleeping on them (see attachments - hope they get be viewed).

She loves to ride in the car, go through McD's drive thru, and take her walks thru the woods.